Convenient, Customized & Online Training

  • If you are a beginner and wish you learn LCA & SimaPro or an expert LCA user and wish to learn LCA modelling of a specific product , or End of Life treatment and uncertainty analysis, Simapro India has a customized “One on One” LCA training solution for you. Features of our convenient and customized “One on One” LCA training models are 1. You can schedule classes at your convenience. 2. You can select a specific subject of your choice for the training. 3. You will execute LCA modelling of your selected subject on SimaPro during the training. 4. 10 hours of One on One training to be completed in one day. Training related assistance provided up to one month post training. 5. Adequate study material provided. 6. Online trainings imparted through “Skype for Business”. Available Training Topics *Basic training “ LCA with SimaPro” *LCA/EPD of a Building *LCA of Bio-fuel and its mixing with Fossil fuels *LCA of Bio-Plastics *LCA of Cotton apparel ……. AND ANY OTHER TOPIC OF YOUR CHOICE Price varies from $ 800 to $ 1250 per session per participant. Students will get 10% discount. To schedule a training or get more details write to OR call Sunil at +91-9911921666
  • Environmental Product Declarations (Type III) I (ISO 14025)

    “Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) tell a product’s complete sustainability story and equip manufacturers with an unrivalled tool for differentiation.”

    An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) reports the environmental impact of goods or services. Also known as a Type III Environmental Declaration, EPDs are based upon an established set of Product Category Rules (PCRs) and independently verified life cycle assessment data, allowing for comparability of impacts across products in a specified category. Traditionally, EPDs disclose life cycle based environmental impact information such as the carbon footprint of a product. Depending on how category specific PCRs are written, EPDs may disclose additional relevant information including toxicity and human health impacts.

    SIPL Pvt Ltd is an approved LCA consultant at

    With an accomplished team of LCA consultants and India Specific life cycle data collected from Indian companies from Industrial verticals like Cement, Steel, Power, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Aluminium, Cotton, Plastics, Bio-Plastics, Apparels, Bio-fuels etc, SIPL Pvt Ltd endeavours to provide world class EPD consultancy. Contact for details and customized quote.

    LCA Training

    Simapro India arranges basic as well as advanced online courses in LCA through 'Skype for Business'. These courses can be attended from any part of the world. The course has been meticulously designed to cover comprehensive description of 'Life Cycle Assessment' theory and an elaborate hands-on exercise. The exercise is executed by every participant on 'SimaPro' to gain actual experience of working on the software. Emphasis is given on imparting know how of working on 'SimaPro' so that the participant learns to work on LCA assignment independently after the training. We also try to maintain a low instructor - participant ratio to have effective lively interactive sessions. Training costs cover temporary license of 'SimaPro' besides study material and exercise.

    Online Training through 'Skype For Business'

    Basic Training

    Basic comprehensive online course "LCA with SimaPro"- This comprehensive LCA training is dedicated to understanding LCA and performing LCA with SimaPro. The training consists of concept of LCA, structure of SimaPro and a comprehensive exercise on SimaPro. The participants will also be given 'Developer' version of Simapro for a month free of cost to facilitate their learning after the seminar.

  • Sector Specific Training

    Participants relate to LCA training more when the training exercise has been selected from their domain or expertise. Their understanding of principles of LCA is better and they feel more comfortable in applying their newly acquired knowledge to their respective domain. These trainings are also comprehensive online through 'Skype for Business'. Training costs cover temporary license of 'SimaPro' besides study material and exercise. Simapro India has designed the following sector specific comprehensive training programmes. For details click the given below link or contact

  • Advanced Training

    Topics like "Waste Treatment", 'Waste to Energy", 'End Of Life', 'Uncertainty', 'Recycling and Reuse' etc need special training. We have designed three comprehensive training which will help the participant to model MSW of a company / city / country. Waste to energy training will focus on generating energy from waste while Recycling one will focus on recycling of plastics and others. All these trainings are online and exercise oriented to be executed by every participant on SimaPro. It is to be noted here that the participant must have working knowledge of 'SimaPro'. For more details on the training and registration please click the following link or contact