Special Support Service

SIPL Pvt Ltd attempts to provide tailor made services to cater to Industry and academic institutions in LCA and sustainability domain.

Capacity Building Support:

This support is comprehensive and designed to impart sufficient knowledge and expertise for executing LCAs independently.

The Salient Features are:
  • Single User Indefinite license of SimaPro 'Compact' version for Industrial client and SimaPro 'PhD' version for academic institutions. If required 'Compact' or 'PhD' versions can be upgraded to Analyst or Developer by paying only the differential amount. 
  • LCA model of a product, suggested by client, in SimaPro: This will be a complete LCA model with 'India Specific' background process data and hypothetical production process data. The client can input their production process data and LCA will be ready. The same model can be used for similar products. 
  • 2 or 3 days comprehensive onsite training will be provided based on the above model so that the participants learn to execute LCA on their own. 
  • However, Capacity Building Support does not include the following:

  • The responsibility of Life Cycle data collection, LCA execution , calculation, report writing etc will be on client 
  • The provided SimaPro will have one year free data and software updates. After one year service renewal of the software will be the responsibility of the client. 
  • Except support for topics related to training no other support related to a new product LCA or modeling will be given. 
  • For technical and commercial offer write to support@sipl-sustainability.com


Simapro Software

First released in 1990, SimaPro is a proven, reliable and flexible tool used by major industries, consultancies and universities. With users in over 80 countries, SimaPro continues to be the most successful LCA software worldwide, and is used for the assessment of products, processes and services as per ISO 14040 series.

SimaPro Features:
  • Flexible and easy to use. 
  • Truly Multi-User version; entire team can work in a single database simultaneously, even when working from different locations around the world. 
  • Option to choose between different impact assessment methods. 
  • Comes included with a lot of data; Over 11,000 inventory data records; Over 10,000 processes from ecoinvent v3 in a wide range of following sectors such as energy, transport, building materials, chemicals, washing agents, paper & board, agriculture and waste management. The data is available as default allocation model and consequential data model. Furthermore, data is presented as both unit processes (raw data) and calculated results (systems). Data uncertainty can be calculated in the ecoinvent unit processes using advanced Monte Carlo analysis in SimaPro. Regionalized water flows are implemented so that you calculate water footprints.. 
  • Includes input-output datasets. 
  • Transparent results; environmental impacts can be traced back to their origins. 
  • Connect to other tools with COM interface [available with developer version only] . 
  • Report Maker feature. 
  • Share & Collect feature. 
  • Life Cycle Costing Calculation. 
  • Material Circularity Index & Linear Flow Index . 
  • For more details and downloading the technical brochure for Professional & Educational versions of SimaPro click the respective links.

India Specific LCA Data sets

SIPL Pvt Ltd has been collecting India Specific Data sets for different Industrial verticals. This will help users in Indian subcontinent, accurate calculation of various environmental impacts like Carbon Footprint, LCA and Sustainability. Please contact support@sipl-sustainability.com for futher details. Please click the link below for details on datasets.


Prices for latest SimaPro Educational and Professional versions



Expert User

Power User


License fees [in US Dollars]

Individual user, Perpetual License




Extra-user, Perpetual, Client-server-version, per user          




Individual user, 1 year       




Please multiply by current exchange rate of US Dollar to rupee to arrive at rupee value. Please download SimaPro demo at http://www.pre-sustainability.com/simapro-demo.

Internet delivery of the software will be provided within 2 weeks of receipt of purchase order. GST @18% would be extra.  Contact us at support@sipl-sustainability.com if you want to buy SimaPro in India, Middle East and Sri Lanka.

Every industrial sector has some uniqueness which requires sector specific approach and solutions. SIPL Pvt Ltd along with Pre Consultant's partner network can offer expert solution for every industrial vertical like chemical, oil and gas, food, plastics, retail ..etc. We help organisations in creating value by updating market dynamics, building sustainability framework and developing in-house-capability.

Specialized Modelling Support: 
Organisations where study is done by their own team can hire our expert service / guidance even for a day. This endeavours to provide support in LCI questionnaire, process modelling, waste management and uncertainty analysis.

Consultancy Support: 
We undertake complete consultancy assignments in the areas of sustainability, LCA, EPD, Carbon foot-print, Water foot-print, Energy Analysis, Waste management etc. Our India specific datasets give us an edge in calculating accurate assessments of various environmental impacts. We have done consulting for companies like India Glycols Limited, Indian Oil Corporation,Birla Cellulose, Procter & Gamble, TetraPak, Mitsubishi, ERM, ..etc.

Peer Review: 
As per ISO peer review or third party review is essential before publication of the report or results of the study. We provide peer review services for our study as well as for studies done by others.

Contact support@sipl-sustainability.com for a detailed customized offer on the above mentioned services.